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"My painting is a dialogue between the viewer and the art work, without the intermediary of an interpreter".


Roger Dénarnaud was born in France, near the medieval city of Carcassonne, in Pomas, a small picturesque village with its castle, its Gothic church and a stone Calvary built in1534.


As a young man, Roger was attracted to pictorial art. He educated himself in the art of painting.


It was at his first exhibition, at the age of 23, for the "Salon d'Automne" in Tunis, that he is noticed by Alexandre Fichet, at that time the director of the School of Fine Arts in Tunis. Mr. Fichet, fond of his work, advises Roger to pursue his dream.


After 25 years in North Africa, Roger returns to France and pursues his love of painting, while also working in construction design.


Unwilling to limit himself to only one medium, he explores a variety of them: watercolor, ink drawing and of course, oil painting.


Seeking new means of expression, he creates, among others, a series of paintings he calls "The Pierrots". He paints lunar landscapes inhabited by "Pierrots". These characters, born from the Italian Comedia dell Arte, combine sweetness and naivete, and are dreamy, often sad and romantic, their faces painted white. Pierrot is a very recognizable character who wears a black skullcap, a large tubular white collar, a white loose blouse with big black buttons and wide white trousers.


Exhibited in Paris, the Pierrots were met with acclaim. You can see some of them on the website.


While on vacation in the South of France, Roger discovers Seillans, a small village officially listed as one of the "most beautiful villages in France". It’s one of those rare French villages of less than 2,000 inhabitants which possess unparalleled architectural beauty, and at least two historical sites or historically protected monuments. He falls in love with this village and he will settle there later on.


Attracted by the colors, shadows and lights, the emotions evoked by the old stones of the buildings and ancient streets of the villages, the hues of the lavender fields and the olive trees, Roger devotes his talent to share with us all his vision of Provence.


As he told me during our interview: "I want my painting to be a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork itself, without the intermediary of an interpreter."


Through his paintings, Roger wants to share his emotions and he encourages the art lover to discover the treasured landscapes and lights of French Provence.


For me, he’s completely successful ... and for you?



Roger Dénarnaud's work has been showcased in solo exhibitions in the French capital as well as other regions of France. He has also participated in various exhibitions in which he earned numerous prizes and awards.


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Salons  (en France et en Tunisie)

Group exhibitions (in France and in Tunisia)


Tunis : Salon d’Automne

Carthage : Salon d’Eté

Paris : Salon des Artistes Français

Paris : Salon d'Arts 19

Hauts de Seine : Salon de Clamart

Val d’Oise : Salon de Cormeille en Parisis

Marne :   Salon de Sézanne

Aisne :   Salon de Chateau-Thierry

Var :   Salon de Seillans

Creuse : Salon de Mérinchal

Puy de Dôme : Salon de Chamalières

Puy de Dôme : Salon de La Bourboule

Var : Salon de Draguignan

Var : Seillans, Galerie du Couvent

Expositions particulières  (Solo exhibitions)


Bargemon (Var) Galerie "Maité"

Paris Galerie "La Mandragore Internationale"

Paris Galerie "La Courtille"

Paris Galerie "Pierre de Lune"

Bargemon (Var) Musée Camos

Seillans (Var) Galerie du Couvent

Mons (Var) Office du Tourisme

Seillans (Var) Galerie du Couvent

Bargemon (Var) Salle de la Mairie


Distinctions  (Awards)


Tunis (Tunisie) : 1er Prix Affiche de l'Automobile Club

Bondy (Seine St Denis) : 1er Prix du Conseil Municipal

Chateau-Thierry (Aisne) : 1er Prix de la Ville

La Bourboule (Puy de Dôme) : Prix de Peinture

La Bourboule (Puy de Dôme) : Médaille d'Or

Mérinchal (Creuse) : 1er Prix de Peinture

Seillans (Var) : Prix des amis de Marx Ernst

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